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Dear Thavady community members,

The Thavady Community Web Site has Five Guiding Principles as follows:

    1. The Goals/Objectives of this web site
    2.  How we are going to achieve these goals/objectives
    3. How are we going to implement our goals?
    4. What kind of common rights & responsibilities does the Executive committee share?
    5. What are the individual rights & responsibilities of the Thavady community     members?

The main purpose of these guiding principals is to maintain high standards and to form a solid foundation for our Code of Conduct. By following the five guiding principals as listed above we can accomplish our ambition in an efficient and cordial atmosphere.

This Code of Conduct is essential to the ways we can contribute and play a role through this Thavady Web Site for the betterment of our community. This defines who we are and also provides all our community members the same frame of reference for dealing with issues that can be both sensitive and complex. This Code of Conduct is to guide our judgment and to help all of us to better understand the moral demands and constrains related to the web site. Our ability to achieve and to sustain quality performance in this web site is depending upon the trust which each of us earns every day in every aspect of our community.

Please review the pages in the Code of Conduct carefully, to ensure that you understand it fully. As mentioned above we all play an important role in representing and assisting our community to advance further and also share the proud and reputation with all our community members.

By working as a coherent team with mutual understandings, we will continue to achieve our goals, guided by our five principles and driven by our shared pride for our community.

Executive Committee, Thavady Web Team.

The goals/objectives of this web site

We are very proud to say that we all are members of the Thavady community. Due, to the long prevailing situation in back home, we are scattered all over world and lost our united family living styles as a big family, the way we lived in Thavady. This web site has been created to reunite every one and continue to share the good and sad moments of our life as what we had in the past. By creating this website we have given all of us an opportunity to communicate with each other from one side of the world to the other. The main goals of this Thavady web site are the followings:

    1. This web site will act as a bridge which connects all Thavady members from all over the world by providing pertinent information regarding activities in Thavady as well as available information about Thavady people living all over the world.
    2. This web site will assist our younger generation to better understand about the history of Thavady, how their ancestors lived back home as a big family, real advantages of such living styles and habits, what our younger generations can learn from the above and adapt in their own life in the western world, etc.
    3. This web site will be a resource center for our future generation of Thavady people to research about their ancestors' history. This web site will also serve as a platform to make links with the same generation who will live in other parts of the world

How we are going to achieve these goals/objectives

    1. This web site will be an informer, in which you (Thavady members) can inform other members about any good activities happening throughout the world concerning the Thavady communities.
    2. This web site will give you an opportunity to suggest any constructive comments that you may have for your community's benefit.
    3. This site will be an informer revealing the necessary needs for rehabilitation and reconstruction projects in Thavady.
    4. This site also has a personnel album section, where you (Thavady members) can display photos of your family, friends and any activities to share with the other Thavady members.
    5. Since, the younger generations had a language barrier (most of our younger people lack to communicate in Tamil), now they can use this web site to contribute their suggestions to the community in a language of their choice. This web site will provide immense opportunity and assistance for our younger generation to more actively participate.
    6. The younger generation can learn more about Thavady through this web site, by reading the information that we have posted regarding Thavady's geographic location, political and socio-economic activities, as well as any rehabilitations and reconstruction projects, and religious activities.
    7. If we add information periodically, about the activities happening to the Thavady community living all over the world, it will be an information provider to our current and future generations.

How are we going to implement our goals?

As mentioned above this web site is an asset to the Thavady communities living all over the world. To achieve our first goal we are going to keep in touch with Thavady community representatives from all over the world. These members will be part of our Executive committee.

How is the Executive committee formed?

This committee will be formed based on the followings:

    a) This committee will have 50%-50% male and female. Also we are expecting 50% of this committee to be filled by younger generations.
    b) Some of the Executive committee members will also be part of other Thavady committees (maximum two members from each committee), which are Get-Together committee, Thavady temple activities committee, Thavady rural development committee, and if there are any other committees related to Thavady organized by the Thavady people in any part of the world..
    c) The selected representatives from different countries will be part of this committee. Example: Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and USA. UK.
    d) The seniors who already have an experience contributing for the development activities in Thavady.

What kind of common rights & responsibilities does the Executive committee share?

As we mentioned previously, our main goal is to act as a bridge, which connects all Thavady members from coast to coast, this bridge should only be used to display any developments and admirable news about the Thavady community. Also all the executive committee members have the same rights and responsibilities because there are no position in the committee such as Chairman, Secretary etc. However the authority of posting on the web site will be given to a capable individual who has and will have the inside access to the web site for new postings as well as for any edits of the contents.

Common rights & responsibilities

    a) The executive committee has equal voting rights when it is required. Especially when it is required to take any contradicted decision regarding the posting on the web site, the committee needs to vote through the web site. The particular subject must receive 51% of the (majority) votes to implement it.
    b) The executive committee has all the rights to delete or reject any posting on the web site when it is not appropriate.
    c) This committee's most important responsibility is to not post any information which can hurt intentionally any individuals, groups, religions, etc.
    d) The Executive committee members are equal regardless of their educational qualifications (PhD, B.A., M.Sc etc.) or their profession (doctor, engineer, administrator etc.).
    e) Any individual's or committee member's name cannot be posted on the web unnecessarily, unless it is agreed by the executive committee.
    f) The web team has an authority to post any executive meeting minutes and the results of any discussions in details. These information / minutes will be posted in a separate link where all the Thavady community members can view it.
    g) The Web team has an authority to post any project information or collection information, which has been launched or is about to be launched with the agreement (The concern letter which has been attached in the Code of Conduct) of the project initiative group/individual.
    h) There shouldn't be any discussion or negative comments related to any other Thavady committee members or activities in our executive meetings at any time or for any reason.

What are the individual rights & responsibilities of the Thavady community members?

The success of this Thavady web site is solely depending on the participation of our community members. If this site is not properly used by the Thavady community members then there is no use for this site. This site should only be used for positive and constructive efforts as mentioned before.

Thavady community members' rights & responsibilities

    a) All Thavady community members are equal regardless of their educational or professional backgrounds.
    b) The community members have all the rights to bring information, new ideas, and suggestions for the betterment of the Thavady community.
    c) They can send pictures to be posted on the personnel photo album section of the web site, and they can send obituaries to be posted for free.
    d) They are solely responsible for their pictures that they post on the web site album. They will be requested to sign a concern form before posting their pictures.
    e) Nobody is allowed to post any inappropriate pictures or documents under any circumstances, which may diminish the reputation of the web site. The violators will be responsible for such acts and will face the necessary consequences.

The sensitive documents and pictures will be reviewed and approved by the Executive committee before posting.

This impartial Code of Conduct has been developed for our community's benefit from the bottom of our hearts. If this Code of Conduct is fully followed, the mission of our Thavady web site will be ultra success.



I am personally responsible and will answer any questions that come up regarding the above documents/pictures when it is posted.


This is a draft. Not a final version. If you have any comments or questions please send an

Updated March, 2004
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