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Project Name
Start Date
End Date
Contact Info
  Thavady School Annual Sports meet and athletic awards- Canada Aug,2004 Continue

Phone: (905) 566-0297
           (905) 455-8383

  Annual Prize Giving and Educational Scholarship Program - USA July,2004 Continue

Phone: 818-366-5787
Email :

  ThavadySchool Project- USA July,2004 Oct, 2004

Phone: 818-366-5787
Email :

  Thavady School Playground - UK April,2004 April,2004 Phone: 07960120424/             07808587790
Email :
  News paper distribution to the Thavady community centers- Canada Sept,2003 Continue Phone: 905-824-5854
  Thavady School Water Tank-Canada      
   Kailaiavakanam - Canada & Thavady 2002 April 2004 Contact info: see attachment
  Temple Chariot - Thavady members      



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